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Set Up . . . | Gen. 28:11-22

As I continue to make changes and different arrangements to my office, I continue to see the hand of God on my business.

Desires (dreams) fulfilled is the tree of life, according to Prov 13:12. I’m not seeing all that God has promised me concerning this business and ministry - which He gave me both.

I’m still looking to have my own building, where I have can my Ministry (ATPoRM) and business functioning out of the same location. Right now, where I am at, I can see that desire being fulfilled.

God is into making the desires of our heart come to pass because He is the One who has changed our hearts so that those desires comes into alignment with what He wants for us. There are desires that God has for the earth (on Earth as in Heaven) and He will continue to use us, and our children (His children) to make these things manifest in the earth.

If we will only have faith. I’m not talking about the “size” of our faith, only the ability to believe that God is, and that He is a rewarder to those who seek Him—diligently. (Heb 11:6).

The story/or account of Jacob’s dream (Jacob’s Ladder) has fascinated me for the past few years (8 yrs. really), and I love reading it repeatedly. When God has revealed to me what He has thus far, it simply astounds me.

Well prepare yourself to be astonished and amazed as God unfolds some mysteries and show you what your eyes have not seen. I challenge you to Look Again, for what He has said is here now, and still yet to come.

It is a Set Up; God is in “this” . . . you truly are not fully aware of just how much He is and has been preparing a place for you too. The Set Up for your Breakthrough is for you, and it is for real.

Set-Up Your Breakthrough, Now is a Good Time (my upcoming book).

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