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Men Arise and Reset for the SetUps.

As we are still in the first week of December 2018. I’ve been hearing and seeing things differently.

Many of my prophetic friends have been releasing Words, and I have been “walking into them.” Also, this month started off with 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays, and 5 Mondays, which is Triple Grace. I say all of that to say this time is not like any other and we need to see the set up. God said: seven years ago, He gave me my ministry (setup) before He gave me my business. Therefore, in 2019 ministries will lead businesses.

As I have been walking into these prophetic words I have been flooded with revelation and I have been saying things I wouldn’t normally say. Meaning, my language has changed, and I am just as surprised as the people hearing it. Because things have changed, I had to change to keep up with the changes. God has been “making” me say things. Yes, I said it right, God has been making me.

When we have prayed, totally surrendered to God, and given Him permission to do with us as He will—guess what, He will. I will make you…Gen 12:2. When we realize that God is making us into someone we have never known before, we reset to make the necessary adjustment to live this new life.

Too many us have stopped changing at some point in this process of being renewed. We must continue to change to keep up with the changes that have changed things.

Finally, I am challenging men to arise in the following places; I heard and prophesied: Ohio, Philadelphia, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Chicago, Nevada, Washington St., Washington DC, Las Vegas, North and South Carolina, Dallas, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Delaware and Indiana.

Reset for the set ups for 2019! We need men to arise. #MAHT 5-18-19

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