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More Than Enough | 2 Cor. 9:8

Even if I had everything I've ever wanted, I would not have enough if I didn’t have the God of More Than Enough.

When we are experiencing tough things in our lives, it is very difficult to see past that “thing.” You know the thing that seems to be driving us out of our mind and wrecking the world that we live in?

I have counseled numerous people who have come to me when their lives seem to be falling apart. I know that feeling, and I empathize with them. Getting through hard times is very hard at times.

The good news for you is that help is here, and Real Everyday Victories are Possible for You too. I have found that no matter how many people I help there are still so many people who need help.

I have worked for years to give people tools to use to help them, and it still is not enough. In helping all those I have served, I have learned this very simple truth repeatedly: I don’t have all the answers for all that hurts them.

God has given me much to help many; and I’m willing to do all I can to do some good. As good as I can be, it’ll never be enough to help them be all they can be. However, I can introduce or reintroduce them to the One who is more than enough.

Jesus has shown me often that He sent One just like Himself to help me with doing miraculous things in my life and the lives of others. And since He has many favorites, and He’s no respecter of any one person, He wants to do great things through you too.

God is more than enough, and He has more than enough to go around. Good things await, and God is waiting for us to accept His good, and allow that good to work through us to help others. It hurts God (if I can say that) when we don’t let Him help us.

His grace is sufficient, and He wants us to have all sufficiency in doing this good work.

God is more than enough/more than able to help us help others.

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