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Fall Forward not Behind | Jude 24-25

As the Season has changed, the time is about to change too. When daylight savings hit we usually remember it by saying, "Spring Forward" and "Fall Behind."

Times and Seasons change by the Will of God. (Dan 2:21) Timing is in everything we do, and we need to acknowledge them to see the beauty in what’s made. (Eccl 3:1-11). We all must plan as the weather changes, and as we enter this New (Now) Season called Fall. As we are Moving Forward we must be careful lest we fall behind.

Have Faith. Exercise your faith. Believe God. God will see us through Time and all other Seasons too. Seasonal changes have brought severe weather conditions about. Our position in God will help us ride it out. Again, we must adjust. Please know this, although Times and Seasons change God remains the same. All things are possible in Him.

This time is calling for us to do new things, and we will be able to do them with God’s help. There are many things changing and I can tell the changes are occurring because my body is making the changes known to me. In the Harvest Season things have grown and now it’s Time for reaping.

If or when we don’t reap the things we have waited to grow, the things we have sown into, will simply go to waste. Why work hard for something only to see death some to the things you have giving part of your life (your time, money, energy, prayers) to. Prep-Time is not Wasted Time, so let’s not allow things to lost based on us not finishing what we started.

Let us take this Time to move forward to Fall Forward. We must take up what we have laid now for the growth process, and Fall is such a time to pick up what we have planted. Reaping is for Future things; Forward experiences.

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