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Men March in May (MMM) | Josh. 1:9 for ’19

Men are starting to do more to help repair the “things” men have messed up.

As the founder of Men Against Human Trafficking (MAHT), we are here to increase the awareness and participation of men in this fight to End Slavery. As part of that effort we are planning to March in May. March to End Slavery (YES to MES; 5-18-19)!

There must be more efforts by men to stop this insidious crime from continuing. We are in a fight that we didn’t start, but we plan to put an end to something has been going on for far too long. Man has been finding more illegal ways to make money; and placing things above people has been the “order of the day” for too many days now.

Taking time to take a stand takes place in our hearts before we take an outward stance. Marching in the streets of America can be done by “we” and it will help others to See, and hopefully believe that progress can take place. We gather and march to show and to announce that we are working together to make changes in our cities/nations.

March will truly usher in some things to prepare us for Spring of 2019! We shall March Forth and Spring Forth. In every new season we have a chance to encounter change and experience new things. We will stand on higher ground as we lift up a standard of how we treat another.

We will “turn the tide” on things, from loving things and using people, to loving people more and using things. The Lord’s love will help us to set the captives free. Ps 126:1-3

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