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Experiences . . . What?

Help us Holy Ghost. It has been my experience that, “experience is the best teacher,” is not good teaching. The Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) is the best.

We have people literally dying because they believe the lie that they need to experience everything to learn. Working in the Substance Abuse field, I am often asked if I used drugs. The very interesting thing is I have worked in the Mental Health field for 20 years, and I have never been asked, “have you ever had a mental illness?”

I have never been to prison. My mother is still living, and so are all my children. I have never been married 14, 15, 20, or 30 years. However, I know about pain, loss, sorrow, parenting and marriage. We can learn some valuable things from experience, yet it is not the “best” teacher.

By living I have learned much, with much more living and learning to go. I remember waking up one night/morning (3 am), and God told me to read the book of Ezra. I told God, I’m just going to the bathroom. He simply replied, “It’s about worship.”

Now this one experience with God taught me so much about the Bible. I don’t need to read the whole Bible for God to show me what He has written in it. Don’t get me wrong, I have read, and still read plenty scriptures, and I still enjoy the experience. The God in me was teaching me some things I didn’t know. Before I read the book of Ezra, I had never read a thing in it.

Help us Holy Ghost. In John 16:12-13, Jesus is teaching us about waiting on the Holy Ghost to lead us. He wanted to tell us many things, but He knew He didn’t have “time” to teach the Apostles, and us, everything we need to know to live this life. There are many, many things for us to still learn that experiences have not and cannot teach us, but the Holy Ghost still will.

In some very uncomfortable times and places in life, the Holy Ghost will lead us.

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