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The Lord of our BreakThrough | II Sam 5:20, NLT

Now I strongly encourage you to read the above verse in a several different translations. I few days ago I started hearing about Breakthrough. And then Facebook reminded me that I had posted II Sam 5:20 last year around this same time.

God will show me things, more than I will hear Him say things to me (except when I’m counseling others). However, I didn’t see “this” coming. I kept hearing this sound. This year 5-20-18 is Pentecostal Sunday. We have the Blessed account of what happened for them (us all) in Acts 2:1-2. This time was a fulfillment of what Jesus told them to go and wait for.

So now, 2000 years later God started saying something to me. Again, He spoke this same “thing” to me last year around this time too. I keep hearing this sound! Last week some friends of mine and I discussed, “Sound and Godly Counsel, for Inner Healing,” live on Facebook. God revealed some things to the three of us then, and He has continued the conversation that we started.

Well I am now encouraging everyone reading this to please know that God is speaking very loudly now. He is “shouting,” even in whispers to drown out the noise that we currently hear in the Earth. He is making a sound that is breaking through obstacles, bondage, and opposition. The concerns of the people, the noise, has reached His ears.

He, The Lord, is bursting forth like a flood. God has broken through and His breakthrough is flooding us with Him. We need more of Him and He is giving us what we need. He has begun a Great Work and nothing or no one can stop what He has activated. Therefore, prepare yourself for this deluge.

Break-Through, Break-Free, Break-Loose and also Break-Out. There is a Breaking! Now what will you do?

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