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Strategy In Transition

As I have been discussing January being a wonderful month, God revealed to me there is a “Miracle in Marriage” (an excerpt from my upcoming booklet “Marriage After Ministry”).

The thing that really moved me about this revelation was the concept of "Covenant Relationships."

As we continue to do what God has called us do in 2018 and beyond, we must move with strategy as we transition. Movement is taking place and many people are standing in doorways. To stand in a doorway, the door must be open. An open door represents transition and new opportunities. Wonderful things are at the threshold for us.

These opportunities involve relationships (old and possibly new). The people we relate to in transition will help determine where we go, how we get there, the pace of the journey and how smooth the transition will be. And it’s just as important to enjoy the journey as it is to arrive at the place or destination. There’s an old joke/saying that goes, “you can really tell who your friends are when it is time to move.”

What I’m encouraging us to currently do in life, what I am calling "transition time," is to know who we are in intimate relationships with. The time is too important, plus there is a miracle, something out of the ordinary, a supernatural occurrence in honoring what God honors, which is covenant relationships.

This is a very important part of the strategy we must have.

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