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SetUp with Favor

We are living a Time where things are being worked out and worked in us. As I have heard before, “Prep-Time isn’t Wasted Time.”

The phrase I have been using lately has been “you will walk into it” … whatever “it” is. What I mean is that there are things set in front of us and down the road from us that we will literally walk into. Example, I set up an appointment to meet with someone I’ve never met before, but the person is connected to some “thing” I have hoped for. So, I walked by faith into the thing, person, or place that I wanted for. We all have desires and the passion for fulfillment moves us forward. (Read Prov. 13:12)

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Therefore, He makes things appear in the now that I had wanted to see so, “I shall not want” anymore. Things I now see came out of a desire, and since He favored me, He set me up to receive the new thing because the old was no longer getting things done. Favor is for favorite! We all can be God’s favorite and still feel the uniqueness of Him working in, for and through us in a very personal way. 2018 will prove to be a wonderful (full of miracles) year as we know we are Favored and we walk into “it.”

Believe the Favor, believe the SetUp and don’t settle down. Nevertheless!

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