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Holidays and Family

It’s that time of the year. There are all types of holidays being celebrated during this time of the year.

We all must decide how.


And we must decide with who will we spend this time.


How are you going to enjoy these days? The stress of the holidays is present for many, but not all. I say that to say, just because stress is present, we don’t have to allow it to affect us. First, I encourage everyone to take a deep breath. One of the simplest ways to get through and handle stress in a productive manner is to breath.

Stop. Breath. Then…

Now the who. We all have family, and not everyone will be allowed to spend time with theirs. So, I honestly suggest that you are thankful that you “get to” have the pleasure of being around your family. Yes, that even includes the “difficult” one(s).

We have this opportunity to enjoy each other. Therefore, I challenge everyone to do that, Rejoice.

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