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Hope (3 Things to Hope for Yourself and Others)

There are things we all are facing and will face in life.

The 3 things to say and hope for anyone.

1. "I hope these things go well for you."

2. "It is my hope that you get through this difficult time you are facing."

3. "I’m hoping that you are able to achieve your goals. I expect the best for you and what you are working to do for yourself." 

How can we remember the importance of hope? Here are 3 of many acronyms I read while doing some brief research before writing this.

H.O.P.E. : Have Only Positive Expectations; Hang On, Pain Ends; Help Open Peoples Eyes.

How we face challenges, the attitude and the responses we take when faced with different adversities will tell us much about ourselves. It’s been said, “Adversity introduces a person to themselves.” My question is, what do you want your actions to say about you?

Facing and persevering through tough times requires hope. Many of the positive expectations of good occurring, will help drive any and all of us forward in life. No matter what, don’t stop believing for the best in your life and the life of those connected to you. Belief is so very powerful! It is a power that allows us to achieve seemingly impossible things in our lives.

I hope you can believe “it” will get better.

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