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Mental illness was never meant to be a “life sentence”, in that you would suffer forever. Treatment, rather with medication and/or talk therapy will help anyone to recover. The process at times will require much effort on the part of an individual and skilled helpers. With the proper support and encouragement everyone has a very good opportunity of recovering. I find that too many people give up in the process of treatment, which in turns leads them to stay in that same vicious cycle that they themselves have agreed to come out of because they wanted out.

Professional help is a way out and a way up out of darkness and pain. There are many who suffer simply because they don’t want to relive the hurt; but they do and they are afraid to trust the process. The very thing that can help them, they avoid to evade the pain and rejection again. Rejection says you don’t want me, and you are not willing to help, to hear me and to walk with me. Please know we want to help you, and we care to help you. One of the worse thing we can do with a person with depression, is to leave them alone to figure it all out. Treatment works and depression is very, very treatable. We have those who are willing to help you; to go that extra mile to make Real Everyday Victories possible for you too.

Never give up on someone with at mental illness. When "I" is replaced by "We", Illness becomes Wellness.

- Shannon L. Alder

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